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This treatment uses a fractionated laser that focuses tiny columns of laser energy into the skin of the face and neck to tighten and smooth the skin. This precision laser makes thousands of microscopic perforations which stimulates new collagen to grow. The new collagen improves your skin texture and tone to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments may take 1-2 hours depending on the area. Local and topical anesthesia is used so the treatment is relatively comfortable. The skin feels like a sunburn for a day or two and is red and scaly with some swelling for 7-10 days. Most people will take off some time from work, but some choose to return to work even the next day! Makeup can be applied on about day 5 which can help to cover up the redness. Although you will see immediate improvement, the skin will continue to tighten over about 4-6 months after treatment.

Skin rejuvenation is the newest type of non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening that uses ultrasound to lift, tone, and tighten sagging areas on the face and neck. This works deeper to firm muscles and build collagen in the problem areas. There are no foreign substances used and no downtime required, you can go about your day after a single in-office procedure.

This painless treatment promotes faster results, reduces pore size, and can even skin tone by removing pigmentation left behind from acne scarring. Typically, a reduction in acne can be seen even after the first treatment. Recommended in a series of 4-6 treatments.




Recent advances in laser hair removal technology now make it possible to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair, quickly and easily, with proven long-term results. The number of laser hair removal treatments required depends on your skin, hair coloring, and coarseness of the hair. Everyone will require at least three to five treatments, as the process is only effective on hairs during their growing cycle. Repeated sessions will be necessary to treat follicles when they re-enter the growth phase. Most individuals do not require more than six treatments. That said, clients with hormonal imbalances or a long history of either waxing or plucking might require several more sessions to achieve optimal results.

With this treatment, laser energy is delivered beneath the surface of the stretch mark, stimulating the body's natural healing response and maximizing collagen production. Collagen production increases over time and with each treatment, produces new healthy skin cells that work to repair, plump and mend the appearance of each stretch mark. Typical treatment plans consist of 3 or more treatments, spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart. The total number of required treatment sessions depends on the condition of your skin and the depth of the stretch marks.

Clinical research has shown that the Aeorlase lasers are capable of effectively superheating the skin tissue beneath finger and toe nails, causing the coagulation of the soft tissue that is contaminated with fungal material.

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