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Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Each hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Our professional massage therapists also incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones which offers enhanced benefits.

Ultrasound Liposuction, also known as Ultrasonic Cavitation is among a new wave of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that targets the stubborn fatty areas that no amount of dieting and exercise can remove.  Absolutely no down time and the results can be seen immediately. For best results, combining exercise with Ultrasonic Liposuction will get you even better results, and you will see the inches come off at each session.

This treatment is intended for toning skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the body's circulatory and lymph node systems, breaking down toxins and - for those who eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle - trimming inches off the body. The treatment is applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness of the skin, and altering the appearance of the localized fat, inches, cellulitis, stretch marks and flaccidity. Client is to leave the office wearing plaster and have it on for approximately 4 hours. Clients can easily and conveniently travel to work or home wearing the plaster as it is wrapped with clear wrap, avoiding any stickiness to your clothes or car.




With a series of treatments over several months, dermal fillers are injected directly into the affected area. Gradually, it stimulates collagen and fills out the depleted tissue. Desired results usually require 2-4 treatments, spaced at least 3 weeks apart. As the Sculptra works, you will begin to notice a change to your posterior. Your augmented buttocks will appear fuller than before, enhancing your natural curves. Results of the fillers can last as long as 2 years. Eventually, the product is harmlessly absorbed by your body.

Cleopatra, the queen of the Nile, is probably one of the most famous "home beauty" fans. One of her greatest beauty secrets was long relaxing milk baths. Milk baths use lactic acid to dissolve the proteins which hold together dead skin cells, leaving your skin moisturized and youthful.

Paraffin treatments use warm oil-based wax to deeply moisturize the hands and feet. The heat of the paraffin wax is absorbed by the skin and thus opens the pores. It also provides pain relief to muscles and joints. It soothes away any muscle pains, joint stiffness and promotes a sense of calm to the client as it helps increase the blood circulation within the body.

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